Rommel Fuentebulla, 36 years old
“I’ve always had oily skin, but since I’ve started to use Pristine skincare range, I’ve noticed that the unwanted shine and oiliness have gone away. And my friends at work also noticed the difference! They say that my skin (especially my nose) looks clear, with no visible pores. I feel as if I’ve returned to my youth.”

Susan Tan, 45 years old
“My skin feels gloriously smooth since I started using the Pristine skincare line. I used to have uneven skin texture all over my face, but now my skin is silky smooth. I also noticed that the puffiness under my eyes looks much better. I wake up every single day at 4:45 a.m. and my eyes still look like I’ve got seven hours of sleep. I just love the Pristine Essence Eye Gel – it’s so easy to follow and you can really feel the results. With these products I will have the best skin of my life!”

Terence G., 60 years old
“I’m 60 years old and I’ve always had very dry skin, that has developed deep wrinkles as I have aged. After using the Pristine Perfecting Moisturiser for three months has helped me improve my skin tone, and my wrinkles look better too, much to my joy! 

Grace Ng, 37 years old
“My skin now looks even toned and feels more moist. I see fewer visible lines and less puffiness around the eyes. Within the first two weeks, people told me my skin looked brighter and more refreshed. Pristine Skincare line is superior to all the products I’ve tried, and seems to help my skin look and feel younger. The Pristine Foam Cleanser is the best cleanser I have ever used. And everything smells so great!”

Clara Yoong, 42 years old
“I love the Pristine Vital Skin Serum because I can feel the difference right away. I feel this softness on my skin that I had never experienced before. My son tells me that my skin is changing and looks better. He started using the Vital Skin Serum too. Pristine Skin Care has given me self-confidence when it comes to my personal appearance.”

Alex Morrison, 52 years old
“My skin is sensitive, but I am able to Pristine Skincare products. I noticed that my skin looked like it had a more even complexion in one week. The best product for me is the Essence Eye Gel. I was very concerned about my droopy eyelids, as well as lines under my eyes and crow’s feet. But I am pleased with my results using the Essence Eye Gel. People have told me my skin looks fresh since after four months into a daily regimen. I work in a salon, and I recommend Pristine Skincare to EVERYONE.”

Michelle V., 31 years old
“Before, my skin looked really dry. When I was introduced to the Pristine Skincare products, I realized what my skin was supposed to feel like. I don’t even need makeup anymore, but when I put it on, it goes on so smoothly! My skin feels so good, it’s very clean, and it just glows. The first day I tried these products my fiancé told me that my skin looked great. The most gratifying result is probably that I can feel confident in my skin without even having to put makeup on.”