Pristine Ultra Nutrient Tonic (150ml)


Pristine Ultra Nutrient Tonic treats thinning hair for both men and women. It provides hair roots with activating ingredients to improve hair vitality, making your hair healthier and thicker.

Suitable for thinning hair.

Made in Korea

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Key Ingredients

Licorice root extract, menthol, betaine, tripeptides



Reduces damaging free radicals with its strong anti-oxidants and concentrated active ingredients.

Contains peptides which is very beneficial for strengthening hair follicles.

Menthol extract in the solution provides a refreshing sensation after the use.



After shampooing and drying hair, gently massage your scalp with Pristine Ultra Nutrient Tonic for approximately 20 seconds.

Do not rinse off for at least 3 hours. Use twice daily for best result.


Hair Condition

Thinning hair


Before & After

Before & After Pristine Ultra Nutrient Tonic (150ml)


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