Pristine Intensive Haircare Shampoo (250ml)


Pristine Intensive Haircare Shampoo helps improve hair thinning. The formulated solution consisting of natural ingredients helps in regulating natural hair oil production and cleansing scalp.

Suitable for greasy hair, thinning hair and dry scalp.

Made in Korea

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Key Ingredients

Glycerine, licorice root extract, olive oil, tripeptides, peppermint oil, Aloe vera extract



Helps to regulates sebum production and control greasiness on scalp. Eliminates dandruff, scalp irritation and itching, making your hair softer and cleaner.

The combination of peptides helps to increase follicle growth.



Apply to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Leave for 1 to 3 mnutes, then rinse thoroughly. For daily use.


Hair Condition

Greasy hair, thinning hair, dry scalp


Before & After

Before & After Pristine Intensive Haircare Shampoo (250ml)


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